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Founder Pastor: Rev. Dr. Colton S Wickramaratne







It is a joy to send greetings to the Home of Hope on their Tenth Anniversary. Alfie and Sharmini Perera commenced the ministry of the “Home of Hope” following in the footsteps of Rev. Jacob Perera and his late wife Sister Anna Greta who are the founders of the “Fridsro Home” at Bokkawella.

The Home of Hope has been a haven and a beacon to many children where over a hundred and sixty children have been educated, sheltered, clothed, and nourished during these past ten years. I understand that approximately eighty children have moved on in life and are gainfully employed with the blessings and the skills they have learned during their growing an formative years    




Alfie and Sharmini, my prayer is that both of you will continue to fulfill the call of God on your lives. The staff and you both have rendered a yeomen service to many children in this country. May God bless you and help you all in the years to come to continue to be His hand extended to the children in this nation.

Rev. Dr. Colton S Wickramaratne

FOUNDER PASTOR                                                                                                      





10 years ago God our Heavenly Father fulfilled a dream of ours that He had planted in our hearts many years ago. God has honoured us immensely when he entrusted the responsibility of becoming parents to all the children of Home of Hope and we humbly acknowledge His work in our lives.

These past 10 years we have watched children who came from broken homes and or dysfunctional families grow up to be men and women of stature who have gone on to be constructive citizens in our country

Whilst Home of Hope has taken great strides in the past 10 years, we realize that we’ve just moved from the infancy stage to a toddler stage. Our passion of providing the highest standard of residential care has one purpose to facilitate an atmosphere of hope to children who have experienced crisis in their lives.

As we forge ahead facing the challenges of a large family on a daily basis , we know that what we have experienced so far is only a glimpse of what lies ahead. . We truly believe that greater things are yet to come and we will undertake each challenge with boldness and confidence to claim the hope and future for Sri Lanka’s children.





Alfi, Sharmini Perera and Achendra


The Beginnings of Hope The First Group Of Children Came Into Our Life


Alfi grew up in a home where he was taught to love God and to fear Him. Alfi’s father Stanley was helping his brother the Reverend Jacob Perera and his wife Annagreta run the orphanage that they had set up. The orphanage was called “Fridsro”. While working at Fridsro Stanley fell ill and he called his son Alfi who was working in the city of Colombo to come to Fridsro and help his uncle and aunt with the orphanage. Alfi answered the call and went to work for his uncle and aunt in the year 1972. Shortly after that Stanley was called home at an early age and his wife Phobe was left to bring up the five boys and their only daughter on her own. It was during these early years at Frisdsro that the 18 year old Alfi saw compassion at work in his Aunt Annagreta as he worked as the project Manager and came under her influence which made a deep impression upon him. A few years later Walter Sinniah who was miraculously healed through Rev. Jacob Perera’s ministry joined the family at Fridsro as its administrator. By now a God fearing man he along with his wife Rani they created a home that taught the values of a Christian home to their four girls and one son. Their second to the eldest daughter Sharmini too saw compassion at work at Fridsro. She was now working as the secretary in the Fridsro office. A few years later Alfi and Sharmini were drawn to each other and came together as husband and wife. The two of them continued to work at Fridsro until they and the management felt that there was nothing left for them to do any more at Fridsro. However their heart was for children, the compassion and love that Annagreta had displayed had come to stay in Alfi and Sharmini.

After 12 years of marriage a beautiful little baby boy came into Alfi and Sharmini’s life. Achendra ‘s arrival sparked of a somewhat dormant desire in Alfi and Sharmini. While working at Fridsro both Alfi and Sharmini were always heart broken when Jacob and Annagreta had to turn away a child because there was absolutely no room for them at the orphanage. The addition of Achendra to their family brought back their desire to do more for the children of our nation. As a result they approached Rev Jacob Perera and Annagreta and their eldest son Jake and sounded the idea of starting an orphanage on a piece of land in Digana that was leased to Fridsro.

This land was an abandoned farm and had disused buildings on it. Jacob And Annagreta along with their son Jake gave their blessing and handed the present property to Alfi and Sharmini to follow their vision. As a result of this opening Alfi and Sharmini took a leap of faith and an orphanage was started in a small house under the umbrella of Fridsro on the 19th of June 2001. 19 children who came from the war Zone of Sri Lanka’s then raging civil war were the first to walk through the doors of what was to become “Home of Hope”. Jake who has his mother’s heart very graciously introduced the Bijker family to them. A family who has stood with Home of Hope up to date.

Alfi and Sharmini wanted to make sure that if they came in contact with a child who had no hope that they would give that child some hope and as a result they named their orphanage “Home of Hope”

As time went on and more space was needed unused chicken coops were turned into dorms for the girls and the boys. Another was converted into a study hall and dining hall. After a while Alfi and Sharmini felt that they needed to reach out to the youth in the surrounding village and they started a vocational training programme for them.

With the passing of time courts in the district of Kandy began to send children who were caught up in the middle of court cases to the orphanage. If they said there is no room those children were sent to prison until their case was called up. There was a need for a transit home for such children and therefore a transit home for such children was built.

Today the facilities at Home of Hope have expanded thanks to the generosity and help of many individuals from Holland Sweden and other countries including Sri Lanka. Currently we have eighty two children as part of our family. Another 83 have gone back to their original environments having received an education and some sought of vocational skill as well.

We are thankful to all those who have made this dream possible. Especially to God without whose favor and miraculous provision it would have been impossible for us to have accomplished all that we have.




The Vision of Hope

At the time we launched the orphanage the war was on and we wanted to help the children affected by the war in a tangible way. As we continued with this work we began to see the need for helping the needy children from all walks of life. Our desire has always been to “Develop the Child”.

The purpose of our existence is Children. Innate in every person who is born in to this world is the security and the wholeness of a home, a little protection, love and the touch of human warmth. The foundation of all security is love. Everyone desires to live happily, successfully and usefully. How much greater would it be for those children whose hearts have been robbed of its trust, security and love. Children are like a gentle flower that depends on its environment for bringing out its fragrance. Success or failure, victory or defeat will depend on our attitudes and responses to their demands in life. Loving them forgiving them, though hard sometimes, is worth it. Small ones, big ones, happy ones, grumpy ones, clumsy ones, successful ones and failures, all need love and warmth and understanding. Their character of tomorrow depends on what is poured into their hearts today.

Our Vision is to train them and to groom them to grow up to be well rounded and developed humans who will change our world some day by making useful contributions to our great nation and the world. We also make every effort to make a meaningful contribution to their lives by making them feel wanted and important. This is why we have as a theme “I am Exceptional”.

In keeping with our vision of developing the whole child we are thankful and proud that we now have various facilities to enable this vision. Our computer center, Batik workshop, Handloom and Sewing center, Carpentry centre and Library Western music and Kandyan Dancing help the children in our home and the villages around us receive a balanced education and life skill. The Health centre and the physiotherapy unit also helps them acquire skills they could use in the arena of life.

Children will always be children. To love them and forgive them when they do wrong is all a part of our home of hope. All in all it is worth it all.




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 All The Children who has been with us since the beginning.

 Old Boys

Old Girls



I was just 3 years old when I was brought to the Home of Hope by my mother along with my two older brothers on the 19th of June 2001. My mother brought us here because she could not take care of us after my father’s death due to kidney failure and his heavy drinking. The ongoing war during that time was also a reason for us to come to the Home of Hope.

                                                                                    pic 1 Asanka

I vaguely remember my first day at the Home of Hope. I came along with many other orphaned children but my brothers and I were together so I was quite happy. In addition I had a room, a bed, food to eat and there was enough space for me to play with my brothers and the other children without fear of soldiers or bombs. When it was time for my mother to leave us at the home and return to our native village she had tears in her eyes. Buy I knew that she was happy for us because we were together in a safe place. Then in addition to all of the things I received at the Home of Hope I was admitted to a pre school ( a Montessori) and later to a regular school. I am now 15 years old and I have come a long way. I have achieved many things in life. I have received a good education and I shall be sitting for the Ordinary Level Exam in the year 2012. I attend extra classes in Maths and Science. I have been always encouraged to pursue my dreams in the areas of Art and Music. I have learnt to play the lead guitar and the drums. I enjoy playing these instruments. My ambition is to become a doctor and I am applying myself to pursue that dream. I want to be in a position where I can help children who are in need - just like I was helped at the Home of Hope. I thank my mother for bringing me to the Home of Hope. I am greatly indebted to my ‘parents’ at the Home of Hope who have cared for me all these years giving me all what I need. More than anything else I am so grateful to them for bringing me up in the fear of God. I thank my Care - givers too for taking care of me and for all the support they have given me.Since I came to the home I have not been left without a meal, clothes or a place to sleep. All this is provided and I have a comfortable life in a safe environment. I have grown spiritually, mentally, and physically. When I look back at the past 10 years at the Home of Hope I have many reasons to thank God for bringing me here.

Our Comments: Asanka has grown to be a handsome boy with a very quiet nature. He is a well behaved boy and has gained a good name in his school as well. He has also won many prizes in Art. We are happy he came to the Home of Hope and we are sure that he will grow up to be a useful citizen of Sri Lanka.


    Old Children X            Pic 2B Vijidaran

I was 13 yrs old when I came to the Home of Hope along with my older brother and younger sister. My father had deserted the family when we were very small and our mother could not take care of us due to extreme poverty as well as due to the ongoing war at that time.

Before I came to the Home of Hope we went through many hardships. Our mother went abroad to earn money with the hope of providing for us. She left us in a neighbor’s house to be taken care of during her absence. Our mother began to earn and send money for our upkeep but the family that took us in treated us as servants and mistreated us . My sister was a baby at that time. So we left that home and went to live on our own on the beach .My brother and I worked on a fishing boat and earned a living, enough to take care of our sister. We even lived on that boat. I remember very well how my brother and I took care of her making sure that she had something to eat even though we often went to bed hungry. As our sister grew older we were able to board her with the head of a kovil close to where we use to hang out. We even managed to send her to school all the time that we were working on the boat. As little as my sister was she was mistreated in that home too and was used as a servant. Then my mother returned and found that we were not taken care of properly though she had continuously sent money for our upkeep. Having found us living on the beach our mother was in a quandary as to what to do. At that point she met a Pastor in Trincomalee who told our mother about the Home of Hope. Through his assistancte we ended up at the Home of Hope.

Today I look back and realize what the Home of Hope has done for me. I who had never been to school in my life was sent to school even at that late stage in my life. I finally sat for the Ordinary Level Exam although I was not successful in getting through. After that I trained to become a welder at a vocational institution. Upon completing my course I found employment at the Home it self. Then Uncle Alfi trained me to drive and got me a driving license. I continued to work and I collected enough money to get a license to drive heavy vehicles.

During my time of employment at the Home of Hope, I learned to handle different kinds of things and gained a lot experience. When I told of my future dreams to Uncle Alfi and Aunty Sharmini, about wanting to start my own business, they helped me to obtain a loan from a very close of friend of theirs from Holland and I was able to purchase a lorry.

Today I am proud to say since I started my own business, I have bought my own compressor, dolomite pit and earn enough to pay back my loan.

I take this opportunity to thank God for sending me to the Home of Hope. I thank Him for my ‘parents’ at the Home of Hope and for all the others who invested in my life so that I could become what I am today.

Our Comments – Vijidaran has been with us for 10 years and has grown up to be a very responsible young man. He is now 23 years old and we are happy that he is doing well and that he has achieved his dreams.



The Home of Hope is MY HOME! My mother brought and my little sister and me here when she had been told by doctors that she had only three months to live. She had brain cancer. The church that we belonged to used to help my mother with her medicines and would take her to the doctor when she needed help. I was five years old. I vaguely remember my father but by the time I was brought here he was not living with my mother. My mother had told me that my father had left the family because she was sick. I remember one day in particular, I was wearing a red and gold frock with a lot of frills and I had a lot of bangles on my hand. But I was sad and I was crying a lot and my mother gave me a doll and told me to hold it tight and think of her when I feel sad.

Three months after I arrived at the Home my mother died. I remember going for the funeral and not fully understanding anything about what was happening around me. I did not shed a tear because to me my mother looked as if she was in a deep sleep. I remember when I came back to “my home” every one asked me what happened? I simply replied, “My mother is in a deep sleep and she has gone to be with Jesus!”

When I was in Grade 5 in school I learnt what death is. It is then that I understood that my mother was dead and that I would not see her again. Then a sense of loss came over me and I felt sad.

I am 12 years now and I am in Grade 7. I am studying well and I take part in all the activities in the Home and school . I dream of being a teacher some day and helping children. I have made up my mind that I will do everything I can to become a teacher!

I am happy and thankful for the parents God has given me at the Home of Hope. I also thank God that though I do not know who or where my real father is and even though my mother is no longer alive I have a home and parents who love me and take care of me and make sure that I have all I need.

I thank God for leading me to a Home like this where not only I but so many more children are blessed.

Our Comment: Rasika is now 12 years old and has grown to be a very determined and intelligent child. She is excellent in her studies and in English. We are happy she came to the Home of Hope and that we have had the privilege of being parents to her and that we get to mold her to face the future.


Pic 4 Sujatha

The memories of my childhood begins with the remembrance that we did not have a father. He had left us soon after we were born. My mother was helpless because she could not feed us or provide for us. I remember the day when she left us on the road and vanished and we did not know what to do. Then some men on the road took us to what they called their restaurant and made us work there. One day the police walked in and took a hold of us and took us to the police station. Since they had no place to keep us they sent us to the prison to stay. We had bad experiences in prison. We were just two little girls who felt lost, lonely and terribly scared. I remember wondering whether there was anyone to save us from this situation. When we were finally produced in court the court gave an order to send us to the Home of Hope.

I was 6 years old when my sister and I were brought by the Police in a big blue prison bus to the Home of Hope.

Now things have changed. We go to school and I am in Grade 6. We have time to play, watch TV, wear new clothes, have a bed to sleep in, receive 3 meals a day and get to study. I don’t have to work for other people. I am enjoying the kind of life I have now and I love to be at the Home of Hope. Here I get the chance of acting, singing and dancing on stage – things perhaps that I may never have been able to do even if I was in my own home. I am so happy for the parents and the home that God has given me.

There are days that I think of my mother and I feel sad that I have not seen her for such a long time. I pray every day that Jesus would open the doors for me to meet her. I know this will happen very soon.

Our Comments: Sujatha is 11 years old now and growing up to be a very happy young lady. She loves to help others, studies hard and she carries out the responsibilities given to her with great diligence. We know that God has sent her to us with a plan and a purpose. We are glad for the opportunity to provide the love and the care that she needs to be all she can be.





* Facilities available at Home of Hope :

04 Girls Dormitories,
03 boys Dormitories,
Auditorium with sitting capacity for 400,
A General kitchen to cater to all children and staff,
Laundry with washing machines,
Library with over 1500 books,
Computer center with 20 computers,
Children’s Park,
Vocational Training unit

Swimming pool


Carpentary Center

Transit Home for victimed kids

Kandyan Dancing

Training in Musical Instruments

Drumming Lessons