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Competition for Uplifting the services of Children's homes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 09:13

It is yet another opportunity to present the progress that Home of Hope project has made during the year 2013. Home of Hope has been serving the under privileged and needy children for the last 12 years. And 02 years of service to the Differently abled children.

It is a great honor to Home of Hope as one of the ten finalist receiving 82 points in the competition held by the Probation & Childcare Department. We are very proud to say that we were able to achieve this place in a short period of time of 12 years. This was possible due the support of the Sponsors, the Management and the Staff.




Vijidaran is now 21 yrs old – completed his studies PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 June 2011 13:30
Vijidaran is now 21 yrs old – completed his studies, followed a course in Welding & Lathe work. Home of Hope helped him to get his driving licence and is now employed at Home of Hope. His dream is to resettle close to Home of Hope and is collecting money to buy a plot of land to build his own little house! He is a great blessing to our Home of Hope family. He also stated that when he saw other families shopping together he would envy them because he did not have that opportunity at all. But he well remembers the first time “Uncle & Aunty (Alfy & Sharmini)” first took them to buy their Christmas cloths! He treasures that moment so much. He says that was the 1st time in life that he walked into a good Cloths shop and could feel the cloths and smell the fragrance of new cloths. This was in 2002 December.
Nishanthy who is 18 yrs old now, completed her studies followed a Juki Sewing Course, Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing Course and went back to her mother to be with her. She has grown to be a beautiful young girl who captures any young lad’s heart! She is a good Sunday School Teacher, very clean, neat and tidy. Alfy & Sharmini are proud that she has turned out be a such a beautiful talented girl after going through much hardships in life and enjoying a youth to the fullest. That’s one of the stories but there is more to come. So watch out for same.
Roshan, Dinesh and Asanka came to Home PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 June 2011 13:13

Roshan, Dinesh and Asanka came to Home of Hope on the 19th of June 2001 and in the 1st of batch of children of Home of Hope. These children came from the war affected area with a background of child abuse in their lives. Their father died with kidney ailment as he was a heavy alcoholic. Roshan the eldest is a mentally imbalanced child who grew without any medical help and found it very difficult to fit into normal life. He was sent to school but was always overage in his class which resulted him being bullied by the others. Finally a stage came that he refused to attend school and got a training in day to day activities at Home of Hope. Few days after Roshan Came to Home of Hope 2001 Dinesh – few days after he came to Home of Hope 2001 Asanka 2001 2005 2009 2009 As he was getting into his adulthood, mother decided to take him and get him employed. Now he is with the mother employed as a helping hand in masonry. He is 20 yrs now. Dinesh, who is a very quiet but active child, has grown into a very eligible young boy. He completed his O/L exams in 2008 which he did not get through well. So he decided to follow a printing/book binding course. He is now involved in book binding which is quite rare in Sri Lanka and while getting trained he gets an allowance too. He has started with his own savings book. He goes to the bank by himself and does banking of which he is quite proud of. Before he came to Home of Hope: At the age of 8 yrs Dinesh was taking care of the family. He used to cook, take care of the brother (Asanka) and the older brother too. After the father’s death, instead of the older brother taking responsibility, it was Dinesh who maintained the family. Mother used to work in a “stone mine” and Dinesh after school comes home cooks, gives the brothers to eat, takes food for the mother. He could not concentrate in his studies as the house work was much more of a responsibility to him. We remember well when he came here, he told us that when the war was on – sometime the armed forces would come into their village late in the night and ask them to vacate the hut they were living in as the rebels are planning to attack. So they take whatever they can and spend more than 2 to 3 days in the jungle not knowing what would happen to them at any given moment. When Dinesh was asked to draw his past – it was all about the war – with guns, dead bodies, jungle, and dark days. This is what they were going through while at home. Asanka : He was just 2 ½ yrs old when he came along with his brothers to Home of Hope. Now he is 14 yrs old and has grown to be a very responsible young boy. He does not remember much of the past. He is a good artist and concentrates much on his studies. Not a very aggressive boy but when provoked he could be very bad. He takes care of the younger inmates in the Dorm and plays a very responsible role in the Dormatory. Asanka wants to work at Home of Hope to take care of children after his studies especially to put into practice what he has learnt from Home of Hope and lead the younger ones to be good citizens of Sri Lanka.


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